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ITI’s team has significant experience in domestic and internationalm natural resources evaluation projects.

These projects included feasibility, technical and detailed assessments of resources and implementation of geophysical, geological, engineering and field operational disciplines and expertise.

Multi-disciplined project teams for specific projects are brought together with the ability to progress a project from initiation and prospectivity, to drilling and evaluation, completion and production.


ITI has regional representation at present in certain countries and regions of the Americas and Africa. The purpose of these regional relationships is not only to represent ITI marketing and business development in their regions of responsibility, but to search and secure in-country and in-region strategic relationships that have high quality organizations, financial capacity, and deep relationships in the four business divisions that are:

1. Hydrocarbon Resource Evaluation and Characterization
2. Water Resource Evaluation and Characterization
3. Mineral & Metal Resource Evaluation and Characterization
4. Engineering Resource Characterization and Evaluation (Geothermal, Environmental, Civil, among other applications).


If you are in other global regions beyond the Americas and Africa, and are interested in participating with ITI in Natural Resource Evaluations and Engineering Assessments, please free to contact us for an initial discussion.

Daniel D. Pechir, MBA
CEO and Chairman and Sole Director

With over 25 years’ experience in strategic planning, business development, as well as a Managing Director. Daniel is actively engaged in the design and execution of business strategies for value creation.

As an executive and serving large Mexican companies such as Cemex, Alfa, and Arca Continental and major player companies with a market capitalization of more than 10 Billion Dollars (US), Daniel held the positions of Managing Director, CFO, and Strategic Planning VP in segments such as petrochemicals, energy, services and consumer goods. He has had active roles as a Board Member in joint ventures, internal committees and chambers of industry.

By designing and executing business strategies with an international and multicultural span, Daniel has been the responsible for processes that range from business line expansion, creation of new developments and business mergers and acquisitions, to the post-integration of initiatives to capture synergies and the creation of value.

Daniel is a Chemical Engineer with a minor in Computer Science by the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education and holds an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin. He has also attended postgraduate programs in the University of Michigan and Columbia University. Daniel is the Founding Director of Grupo Semper; a Mexican private equity fund for several developments with geographical presence in Mexico, United States and Canada. Segments of interest are exploration and exploitation of natural resources, design and acceleration of companies for retail of consumer goods and flip of real estate properties.

Ian McNair, B. Comm. (Hons), CPA, CA
EVP Corporate Development

Mr. McNair has been a trusted advisor on tax and business issues affecting the oil and gas industry for over 35 years, including roles at KPMG, Husky Energy Inc., Petro-Canada and Suncor Energy Inc. These roles included dealing with mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, financings and corporate reorganizations. Ian has also acted as a long-time advisor to ITI and its affiliates.

Ian is a former president of the Calgary Chapter of the Tax Executives Institute, Inc. (“TEI”), a former member of the Canadian Income Tax Committee of TEI and was chair of the Income Tax Committee of a predecessor to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. He was tax lead on the formation of the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance, a unique oil sands industry collaborative enterprise sharing technology and working towards accelerated improvement in environmental performance of that industry.

Sergey Petrovich, PhD

Mr. Petrovich is the Executive Director of GEO Technologies. He graduated from the Geological Faculty of Kiev National University in 1975 and holds a PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences that he obtained in 1982.

His key focus area of study, scientific research, development for the past 20 years has been the development of the field called “Quantum Geoelectrophysics” (QGEP). From this field of knowledge, three applications have emerged that can remotely and directly detect target substances in subsurface formations; such as hydrocarbons, minerals and fresh water.

Resonant Frequency Remote & Direct Sensing Technologies, with his team of scientists and researchers, has evolved from Area Intensity Studies, to Vertical EM Pulse Scanning Surveys, to Satellite Surveys today, with constant research and development, and over 600 successful commercial applications in 60 countries in the world.

Sergey is the author of over 500 papers on various aspects of QGEP, a field of knowledge he helped pioneer in 1996.

Jon Fennell, MSc, PhD, P.Geol., P.Geo.
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Fennell has more than 30 years as a practicing consultant in the natural resource sector, and over 23 years working as an environmental hydrogeologist and water resource specialist. His background is mainly in the Geosciences where his expertise includes the analysis of regional geological and groundwater systems, development and execution of water supply and disposal strategies, groundwater-surface water interaction studies, basin-scale characterization, implementation of monitoring and management systems, risk assessment, climate change analysis, and the application of environmental forensics including:

  • remote sensing,
  • traditional and non-traditional geophysical techniques – including QDMI,
  • groundwater flow modelling
  • geochemical assessment and fate/transport modelling, and
  • the application of stable and radiogenic isotopes in source fingerprinting and age-dating applications.

Jon has worked locally and abroad in North and South America, the Caribbean basin, Australia, and Yemen, both with industry and government, to ensure the best and most cost-effective designs for resource development projects and performance management systems. His experience has been gained across the various sectors including mining, oil & gas, municipal, public, and government-related projects.in. Jon is currently involved with a local academia institution developing and delivering a diploma program for Integrated Water Management, with a focus on sustainable development and climate change adaptation

Gerald (Gerry) Gurba, BSc., P.Geol.
VP Exploration

Mr. Gurba is a Professional Petroleum Geologist with more than 40 years’ experience in the energy industry, domestically (Canada) and internationally (Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Bolivia and Syria), 22 years with Gulf Canada Resources and 12 years with Petro-Canada / Suncor, both major upstream oil and gas companies. He has over six years as a consultant / employee for small company start-ups and joint ventures.

Gerry is a member of APEGA, CSPG and EAGE. He has been involved with the drilling of +3500 wells in his career, from rank frontier wildcats to infill SAGD bitumen core wells. Gerry has extensive technical as well as supervisory experience in production, exploitation, exploration and operational activities as well as reservoir management skills and technical enhancements for optimizing hydrocarbon production. In addition, he has the business skills associated with planning, budgets and negotiations.

Robert M. Boyer, Barrister & Solicitor
VP Legal

Robert (Bob) Boyer has practiced and worked in various legal and business capacities and environments, both domestic and international, for over 40 years. Through his experience and the relationships that he has developed, he is able to provide Integrative Technologies International Inc. with sound, pragmatic advice and services across a diverse spectrum of legal and business matters.

Bob began his career as in-house counsel in the oil and gas industry, working for two successive multi-national oil and gas companies, before becoming a founding member of an association of independent law practices in Calgary, and over the following decades developed a diverse practice in corporate, commercial, finance, securities and oil, gas & mining law (both domestic and international), real estate, estate planning, and equine law. His experience has encompassed a broad range of legal and business matters, including international marketing and joint ventures in Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East.

He currently practices as Boyer Law with a focus primarily on business, securities, natural resources and real estate matters.

Helmut Hauke, MBA, CPA, CGA, ACCA (U.K.)

Mr. Hauke is responsible for the company’s financial functions including accounting, audit, treasury and corporate finance.

Helmut is a professional accountant with more than twenty years’ experience in the North American energy sector in various accounting-related roles. In addition to an MBA, he holds Professional Designations from the Chartered Professional Accountants Association—CPA (Canada) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants— ACCA (United Kingdom). In his view, the key success factors in accounting are well designed processes and staff that recognize and embrace their roles as information providers.

He has also been active in the academic community and has developed and taught courses for various educational institutions including the University of Calgary and the MacPhail School of Energy. Other positions include Governor of the Certified General Accountants Association of Alberta (prior to its amalgamation with CPA Alberta), and Director of the Centre for Energy Asset Management Studies (CEAMS).

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