ITI was founded by Richard Hatala, B.A.Sc., P.Eng., PMP, as a division of an upstream oil and gas company in December 2000. In 2005, the division became a subsidiary company called Integrative Spectral Technologies Ltd. In 2011, ITI became a separate stand-alone company called Integrative Technologies International Inc. (ITI) that is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The purpose of ITI was to find or develop non-traditional, non-seismic, geoscientific and geophysical technologies for natural resource exploration, development and exploitation. The intention was to find an engineering solution to the uncertainty and risk associated with traditional and conventional technologies and methodologies of natural resource exploration and development.

In ITI’s history, it tested over 40 different direct matter indicator technologies, utilizing rigorous protocols, and found only four that could be considered helpful in natural resource exploration and development, although we had some of the best minds in North America working on our team, we were not successful in using these leading-edge technologies and methodologies for natural resource exploration.

In 2012,in an effort to solve some of the issues and challenges we encountered in North America, we began to search globally for a solution.

ITI was successful in its search and In 2013, ITI formed a Global Partnership with scientists, academics and researchers in the Former Soviet Union that had solved the issues and challenges we had encountered in our development and applications in North America. QDMI technologies could accurately determine, given our protocols and applications, natural resource (hydrocarbons, water, minerals & metals, among others); type of substance, area, intensity or concentration, quality, depth and thickness of the target natural resource geologic anomaly.

The field of knowledge has evolved over the past 35 years, and we term it “Quantum Geoelectrophysics (QGEP): The applications of the geophysical techniques that arise from QGEP are Quantum Direct Matter Indicator Technologies (QDMI); and the integration of traditional, conventional and quantum results and analysis, has evolved over time into the Integrative Exploration Model (IEM) Methodology.



Our Vision, Mission, Values & Actions that are the foundations on which we build our internal and external relationships


To help individuals, organizations, companies, institutions and governments find hydrocarbons, minerals and fresh water more effectively, efficiently, economically, with little to no environmental impact, than more traditional and conventional technologies and methodologies alone.


To provide the highest probability of success, at the lowest cost and time, in helping find hydrocarbon, mineral and water resources for the countries, regions and communities where we choose to operate.



Open honest and transparent communication that builds trust in all our relationships.


Where we strive to keep our word impeccably to each other; to do what we say we will do in a responsive, timely and excellent manner.


Each decision that is made between us and the Client needs to be perceived as fair and just. Each decision will either benefit or harm others, and we will take responsibility and accountability for those decisions and the natural consequences that flow from them.

Social Responsibility:

We will give back to the communities in which we choose to work so that their lives and work will be enriched by our having been there.

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