Leadership & Management



ITI’s senior leadership and management team has over 250 years of combined experience in natural resource evaluation projects, both domestically and globally. Projects included conducting feasibility, technical and detailed assessments of resources, to implementation of geophysical, geological, engineering and field operational disciplines and expertise.

Multi-disciplined project teams for specific projects domestically and internationally are brought together with the ability to progress a project from initiation and prospectivity, to drilling and evaluation, completion and production.

In 2016, ITI formed strategic relationships with a consortium of Canadian companies that have decades of expertise in natural resource evaluations for; minerals and metals, hydrocarbons and water exploration, development and production.

The primary companies included in the ITI Canadian consortium as of January 2017 are:

• Norwest Corporation (Norwest): For metals and minerals:  Norwest staff have experience in the preparation of Technical Reports in accordance with the requirements of National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (NI-43-101). http://norwestcorp.com/

Integrated Sustainability Consultants (ISC): For water exploration and development assessment and evaluation with international hydrogeological accreditation for water standards. http://www.integratedsustainability.ca/

McDaniel & Associates (McDan); For hydrocarbons: McDaniel staff have experience in preparation of Technical Reports in accordance with the requirements of National Instrument 51-101 Standards of Disclosure for Hydrocarbon Project (NI-51-101). http://www.mcdan.com/

ITI’s Canadian consortium together with ITI as the project manager and project sponsor, have a combined management and technical capability and capacity of over 200 highly trained engineers, geoscientists, hydrogeologists, mineralogists, technologists, technicians and project managers to enable ITI to move forward with large scale country wide natural resource evaluation projects globally in 2017.


ITI has regional representation at present in certain countries and regions of the Americas and Africa. The purpose of these regional relationships is not only to represent ITI marketing and business development in their regions of responsibility, but to search and secure in-country and in-region strategic relationships that have high quality organizations, financial capacity, and deep relationships in the four business divisions that are:

1. Hydrocarbon Resource Evaluation and Characterization
2. Water Resource Evaluation and Characterization
3. Mineral & Metal Resource Evaluation and Characterization
4. Engineering Resource Characterization and Evaluation (Geothermal, Environmental, Civil, among other applications).


If you are in other global regions beyond the Americas and Africa, and are interested in participating with ITI in Natural Resource Evaluations and Engineering Assessments, please free to contact us for an initial discussion.