Finding and Developing Natural Resources (hydrocarbons, minerals, water, geothermal) more efficiently, effectively, and economically than traditionally, while significantly reducing environmental impact

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Integrative Technologies International Inc. (ITI) is a Management & Business Advisory, Consulting, Technical Services and Project Implementation Company focused on all aspects of natural resource (hydrocarbon, water, minerals & metals, geothermal) and engineering (environmental, civil, others) evaluations, exploration, development and exploitation. ITI’s senior management team has over 250 years of experience in a variety of natural resource evaluations projects, both domestically and globally.


Our management and technical advisory team together with Associates, Partners and Strategic Relationships, through utilization of innovative Quantum Direct Matter Indicator (QDMI) Technologies and Integrative Exploration Model (IEM), methodologies assist our Clients to find and develop natural resources more efficiently (1/10th the time), economically (1/10th the cost), and effectively (10 times better results) over existing traditional and conventional resource exploration and development technologies when used in isolation.

With ITI as the Project Manager and Project Sponsor, ITI brings a combined management, technical capability and capacity of over 200 highly trained geoscientists, hydrogeologists, mineralogists, engineers, technologists, technicians and project managers to enable ITI to engage in areas of natural resource investigation of properties, companies, communities as small as 0.1 square kilometers (km2) in size to country wide evaluation of millions of km2 in areal extent.


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ITI, with its Strategic Partners and Strategic Relationships, have worked in over 50 Countries in over 500 project globally for various types of natural resource evaluations over the past 20 years.


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